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The purlService JavaScript API works in conjunction with the purlHub web application to provide methods for simple personalization, as well as broad programmatic control for advanced web personalization.

purlHub Web Application

purlHub provides simple, web-based account management and configuration including:

  • User management
  • Subscription management
  • Data upload (.csv format)
  • Personalized URL generation
  • Campaign configuration and organization
  • Data export
  • Reporting


The purlService JSAPI broadly encompasses how personalized URLs are resolved and associated with purlHub contact profile data.  The purlService API also provides for simple access to contact profile data for content personalization, and offers simple data storage capabilities for capturing web form submissions. Stored data can be viewed in the purlHub web application.


The purlTracker JSAPI handles clickstream-level detail of visitor behavior, and supplies data for purlHub reporting. purlTracker is automatically included through the purlService tag, and enabled by default. Events tracked include:

  • Form submissions tied to a personalized URL and contact profile
  • Page visits, categorized as personalized or anonymous
  • Downloads matching common document file formats
  • All link click activity, categorized as internal or outbound
  • Manually flagged events, such as “Conversion” events

In addition, the purlTracker API exposes a set of options and utility methods for tight control and custom tracking.